Upright Series Freezer


  • High energy efficiency new vertical laboratory freezer for sample storage
  • Temperature control range from –45º C to –25º C
  • Digital temperature control unit with digital display.
  • Acoustic and visual alarm for maximal and minimal temperature programmable
  • Power failure alarm with battery back up
  • Solid door with opening aids and big sized handle.
  • Two side opening door, right or at left   opening available (please indicate at the  order, factory adjustment)
  • Security lock on the door with keys
  • Manual defrost, programmable to automatic, optional
  • High stability range +/- 3º C
  • Programable alarms for high and low temperature
  • Retro illuminated main switch
  • Isolation of 60 mm of high density injected polyurethane, CFC and HCFC free
  • Cooling gas, CFC and HCFC free, biodegradable
  • Hermetic compressor, built over dampers, low noise <48dB
  • Internal chamber of ABS (post formed polypropylene)
  • Internal shelves made in steel wire, plastic coated
  • External body of carbon steel, epoxy coated
  • Feet size adjusts equipment height
  • Double heated perimeter gasket on the door, to ensure ice free and perfect airtight closing
  • Tropical treatment, to allow work until +35º C working area temperature
  • Power supply: 220-230V/50Hz
Especificaciones Técnicas

Technical information


CVF 600/45

Capacity in litres


Isolation in mm


No. shelves


Energy consumption in 24 h            [kWh / 24h]


Compressor HP


Internal dimensions in mm               wide x deep x high

630 x 590  x 1100 

External dimensions in mm                           wide x deep x high

750 x 710 x 1970 

Weight Net /Gross in kg.

98 / 120

Gross Volume of the packaged in m3




  • Temperature circular chart recorder 7 days, main power  with battery back-up, to works even with power failures situations, included 100 charts.
  • Remote control connection RS 485/232 interface
  • Potential free output for remote alarms system
  • Storage system for cryotubes and cryoboxes
  • Data loggers