From Suministros Grupo Esper, S.L. a clear quality policy has been established, where the QUALITY is understood on the basis of the following statement: a quality product/service is the one that meets or exceeds the needs or expectations of the customer” Thus, the SUMINISTROS GRUPO ESPER policy in relation to the Quality is based on the following principles:

1. The People

All SUMINISTROS GRUPO ESPER employees are responsible for the quality of their work and have to take part in the continuous improvement of their processes. Quality is not an additional activity that must be monitored, but something that must be present at all times and must be managed.

2 .The innovation of products

Suministros Grupo Esper continuously innovates in its products to meet the needs of its customers.

3. Customer service

Suministros Grupo Esper offers, as part of its product, a customer service based on:

  1. Customized care for our customers
  2. High technical knowledge of the product
  3. Short delivery times
  4. Meeting of the delivery times
  5. Competitive costs

4. Preventive system

The quality management system must be based on the prevention in order to avoid the issues, instead of solving them

5. The profitability of the company

The quality management system must be effective and efficient in order to warranty the profitability of the company and be able to improve it continuously. Thus, its resources must be optimized

.6. Management of its suppliers

Suministros Grupo Esper selects its suppliers in order to have the best external Quality.

The Management is responsible for driving and implementing the policy and the quality goals, ensuring its execution by means of annual revisions.

The application of this policy demands the integration of the whole SUMINISTROS GRUPO ESPER human team. That is the reason why motivation and quality training are a priority.

SUMINISTROS GRUPO ESPER Management ensures the communication and understanding of the quality policy and goals by the appropriate levels of the organization.SUMINISTROS GRUPO ESPER Management reviews the Quality Policy to attain its continuous execution.

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