Suministros Grupo Esper, S.L is a company with an experience of more than 5 years in the development and commercialization of technical instruments for laboratories, made up of professionals from very different fields and experiences. This feature and the fact of not being committed with previous designs has made possible the launching of really innovative designs at highly competitive prices. OVAN is the brand used by Suministros Grupo Esper, S.L. to market its standard laboratory products. Our design relies on avant-garde technology based on R+D+i having many advantages such as:

  • Component modularity: it brings a great flexibility in this design, making possible the fast widening and adjustment of our range of products in order to be able to adapt to the market needs.
  • Microprocessors: they dramatically reduce the number of components, increasing reliability.

Our designs are intended to meet the customer needs and optimized for the manufacturing, making possible the obtaining of the best products at the most competitive prices.

Using analogical or digital equipment is not the same. Digital electronics by means of microprocessors can be found in almost all the OVAN equipment and this is what makes us different. The use of last generation microprocessors together with powerful software warranties high technical quality, reliable, exact, safe and long-lasting OVAN equipment

The design in OVAN stands out because of its functionality, ergonomics, aesthetics, simplicity, practicality, safety, ease of maintenance and cleaning. Our designs are made without nooks or crannies with double protection chassis and epoxi paint, without visible screws, since they make the cleaning and maintenance more difficult. Some equipment is partially removable to make its cleaning easier. Our designs are modern and innovative, with membrane pressing, as well as LCD Blue-White screen and polyester frontals, always in compliance with the strictest European safety regulations and are environmentally friendly.

The manufacturing Just In Time (JIT) is integrated in all the process. From the product conception to the supplying to the customer, optimizing the costs, stock management and delivery time with maximum accuracy. All the products are ready to adapt to this kind of manufacturing. The modularity and flexibility of the designs makes possible the optimization of all processes, from the sale management to the production organization, the stocks… This strategy together with the intensive use of microprocessors reduces the costs and, at the same time, provides OVAN with great flexibility, making possible the fast widening, adjustment or modification of the manufacturing to adapt to the market needs.

Thanks to the production system Just In Time integrated in all the processes, we can warranty very exact and fast delivery times (approx. 48 hours). The after sales service provides a fast technical support (from 24 to 48 hours) when it comes to repairs, as well as, an immediate technical comprehensive advice for the users. You only have to call us in the moment of choosing your equipment or while using it, and you will have all the technical support you need. OVAN offers a 2 years warranty for all its equipment.