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    Ergonomy, functionality, aesthetic, simplicity and cleanliness
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    Manufacturer of laboratory equipment

We are different in...


The design stands out because of its functionality, ergonomics, simplicity, practicality, safety and cleaning.


The manufacturing Just In Time (JIT) is integrated in all the process, from the product conception to the supplying to the customer.


Thanks to the production system integrated in all the processes, we can warranty a delivery time suitable to your needs.


The use of last generation microprocessors together with powerful software warranties high technical quality, reliable, safe and long-lasting.

The OVAN updated product catalog is now available!

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Our products

Incubator Clear + Rotator

Digital Incubator transparent & Rotatory Mixer

Ovenvan F

Digital Oven controlled by microprocessor.

Ovenvan N

Digital Oven, controlled by microprocessor

Muffovan Ceramic

Ceramic Muffle furnaces