• Metallic incubator with frontal door made of methacrylate.
  • Temperature and shaking controlled by microprocessor,
  • Speed adjustable, controlled by microprocessor.
  • Constant speed independently of the load.
  • Smooth and progressive start and stop, independently of the selected speed.
  • Digital display LCD backlighted with indication of the selected and real value of temperature and movement
  • Membrane push-button control.
  • With forced air circulation.
  • Automatic restart after unexpected shut down keeping the same parameters as before the incident. An incident sign appears on the display.
  • Auto off shaking when opening the door.
  • Alarm beep and displayed if door is not closed after some time

Technical Specifications

Technical specifications:

Model PCS-36
Reference 10000-01066
Heating Power (W) 500
Cooling Power (W) 365
Temp range(ºC) 10-60
Resolution (ºC) 0,1
Homogeneity +/- 2%
Max. Weight (Kg) 25
Power (W) 50
Movement Lineal
Path length(mm) 36
Speed Range (rpm) 50-100
Resolution (rpm) 5
General Data
Dimen. Interior (mm)* 500x500x500
Dimen. exterior (mm)* 805x740x102
Weight (Kg) 130
Max. Rel. humidity. 80%
Perm. Amb. Tª 5º a 50ºC
Duration of operation 100%
Fuse 3,15AF/250V
Protection Class 1 (protective earth)
Protection IP IP54
Capacity 125 Liters



Charge Levels 8-9
Max Number plasma bags 48
Max Number apheresis bags 96