Tube Mixer

Tube mixer Capacity: 16 tubes Smoothly rocking movement Compact platform Typical use: blood tubes.  

Plasma Blood Bag Shaker

Plasma Blood Bag Shaker

Horizontal Shaker Shaking speed fixed, controlled by microprocessor.   Smooth start and stop . Friendly backlight LCD Membrane buttons at the keyboard.   After power short cut unit begin working

Histo Bath


  Model HBD Reference 30000-10005 /V* Heating Display Digital Control Microprocessor Power(W) 325  Tª  range  (ºC) Amb T+5  – 90 Resol (ºC) +/-0,5 General data Measures (mm) 355 x 350 


Slide Drying

Slide Drying Units used in the preparation of microscope slides at preparation step. Both units, analog and Digital have up to 52 slides capacity, and slides can be arranged in