• Thermostatized baths.
  • Inner tank made of stainless steel AISI 304 and metallic housing protected with Epoxi paint of great resistance to aggressive surroundings
  • Temperature controlled by microprocessor, with electronic regulation; for water or oil.
  • Heating resistance of special alloy of stainless steel heat and corrosion resistant.
  • Digital Display LCD backlighted showing the selected and actual temperature.
  • The equipment includes an integrated timer that allows (if needed) a programmed start during the next 24 hours.
  • Membrane push-button control.
  • Double safety thermostat:
  • Cut out indicator lamp. The unit will cut out if there is insufficient liquid or if the temperature exceeds the maximum temperature.
  • Safety automatic disconnection with acoustic alarm that prevents overheating from the programmed temperature (+5ºC). Connects again when the Tª is below the limit.
  • Liquid circulation at the internal
  • Automatic restart after unexpected shut down keeping the same parameters as before the incident. An incident sign appears on the display.
  • Memory of the last settings.
  • Water drainage faucet ( for volumes from to 12 l up)and handles for a easy transport.
  • Includes stainless steel cover-resistance.


Technical Specifications

Model Bath DA
Reference 10000-01157
Vol. Máx. (L) 27
Heating Power (W) 1200
Cooling Power (W)
Tª (ºC) range Amb T+5 -100
Working Temp.* 37ºC*
Resol. (ºC) 0,1
General Data
Inner flow rate 16/min
Inner tank Stainless Steel      AISI 304
Useful measures (cm) 46x26x17
External measures (cm) 80x37x30
Weight (kg) 20
Voltage 220V/50-60Hz*

                 Estimated defrosting timing:

Bag Time
 Flat 250ml 10 min
 Flat 300ml 14 min
 Flat 250ml  thin layer 16 min
Bended 250ml 17 min
 Flat 500ml, aphereseis 18 min


Rack for 20 blood bags 20000-00275