The “Purovan” protects the user handling dangerous substances

(CMR) of category 1,2 and 3 and dangerous products subject to a limit value (TLV).

•    Polycarbonate sidewalls

•    Back in Trespa material

•    Hinged front window, polycarbonate

•    Exhaust ventilation unit in epoxy painted.

•    Low noise level

•    Charcoal filter active on organic vapors and solvents, acid fumes, basic vapors….

•    Filtration classification (Type P, Type V, Type PV)

•     Integrated lighting (excluding working area)

•    Visual and sound alarms every 60 hours/ secure system

•     Easy access to filters, easy maintenance (no tools required)

•     The Fan doesn’t need maintenance

•    Face/ front velocity between 0.4 and 0.6 m/s

(Between 78 ft/min and 90 ft/min) (anemometer for monitoring) Work plan and dripping/secure tray in polypropylene

•    Sampling chamber

Technical Specifications